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SpeedView Enabled JPEG Encoder

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The SVE-JPEG-E core is a standalone and high-performance JPEG encoder for still image and video compression applications that produces both JPEG Baseline and SpeedView™ enabled JPEG data streams.

One of the fastest available JPEG encoders, the SVE-JPEG-E can encode at Full HD (1080p30) or higher rates, even in FPGA devices. Full compliance with the Baseline Sequential DCT mode of the ISO/IEC 10918-1 JPEG standard makes the SVE-JPEG-E core ideal for interoperable systems and devices such as consumer digital cameras, camcorders, office automation equipment, medical imaging systems, video conference systems and remote surveillance systems.

SVE-JPEG-E block diagram | Alma Technologies

Integrating the SpeedTags™ technology the SVE-JPEG-E outputs compressed streams that are compatible with SpeedView™, a member of Scalado's CAPS™ imaging suite which is focused on providing enhanced functionality to camera equipped mobile devices.

In addition to generating standalone Baseline or SpeedView™ enabled JPEG streams, the core is also capable of producing the (de facto) standard video payload of many motion JPEG container formats. Furthermore, bandwidth-constraint applications may benefit from the included programmable bit-rate control block.

The core is designed with easy to use, fully controllable and FIFO-like, streaming input and output interfaces. Being carefully designed, rigorously verified and silicon-proven, the SVE-JPEG-E is a reliable and easy to integrate core. Its deliverables include a complete verification environment and a bit-accurate software model.


Digital cameras and camcorders

Portable multimedia devices
Mobile phones

Office automation equipment
Multifunction printers
Digital copiers

Medical imaging systems

Video production suites

Video conference systems

Display projection systems

Surveillance systems

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