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Scalable Ultra-High Throughput DSC 1.2b Decoder

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The UHT-DSC-D core from Alma Technologies is a scalable, ultra-high throughput, advanced DSC 1.2b decoder, compliant to the VESA Display Stream Compression (DSC) 1.2b standard. It supports decoding of 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 video streams, in 8 to 16 bits per component color depths.

The core is designed for enabling ultra-high frame rate SD, HD and Ultra HD video decoding up to 10K resolutions, even in medium-end ASIC or FPGA silicon. The scalability of this IP core enables highly cost-effective silicon implementations of applications that need to handle massive pixel rates and resolutions. The UHT-DSC-D is available for ASIC or AMD-Xilinx, Efinix, Intel, Lattice and Microsemi FPGA and SoC based designs.

<nobr>UHT-DSC-D</nobr> block diagram | Alma Technologies

The UHT-DSC-D is very easy to use and integrate in a system, designed for using only internal memory blocks and with simple, fully controllable and FIFO-like, streaming input and output interfaces. It requires minimal host intervention as it only needs to be programmed once per video sequence. Once programmed, it can decode an arbitrary number of video frames without the need of any further intervention or assistance by the host system CPU.

IP Deliverables

Clear text VHDL RTL source for ASIC designs, or pre-synthesized and verified Netlist for FPGA and SoC devices

Extensive documentation

Bit Accurate Model (BAM) with optional Test Vector generation functionality

Self-checking testbench environment

Sample BAM scripts

Synthesis scripts

Simulation scripts

Place & Route scripts for FPGAs

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