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Lossless JPEG is a light and numerically reversible compression scheme defined in Annex H of the ITU-T T.81 JPEG image compression standard. Rather than the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) functions used for lossy JPEG compression - which introduce round-off errors - Lossless JPEG employs a predictor function and compresses images by encoding the prediction error with no information loss.

The Lossless JPEG encoder and decoder IP cores for FPGA and ASIC designs from Alma Technologies support up to 16-bit per component color depth and 1- to 3-component images without sub-sampling. They implement runtime programmable Restart and Point Transform functions and accept input in standard raster scan interleaved order.

Compared to JPEG-LS and JPEG 2000, Lossless JPEG has, on average, a significantly lower lossless compression efficiency, but offers a much more compact silicon footrpint solution.

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