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Lossless JPEG is a light and numerically reversible compression scheme defined in Annex H of the ITU-T T.81 JPEG image compression standard. Rather than the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) functions used for lossy JPEG compression - which introduce round-off errors - Lossless JPEG employs a predictor function and compresses images by encoding the prediction error with no information loss.

The Alma Technologies Lossless JPEG encoder and decoder IP cores support up to 16-bit per component color depth and 1- to 3-component images without sub-sampling. They implement runtime programmable Restart and Point Transform functions and accept input in standard raster scan interleaved order.

Compared to JPEG-LS and JPEG 2000, Lossless JPEG has, on average, a significantly lower lossless compression efficiency, but offers a very small silicon footrpint solution.

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