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AES Encryption & Decryption with Fixed Block Cipher


AES Encryption & Decryption with Programmable Block Ciphers


GCM-AES Authenticated Encryption & Decryption

AES Block Cipher IP

The Alma Technologies family of AES IP includes implementations of the most widely used Block Cipher modes of operation.

Product Selection Matrix

Run-time Programmable Cipher-Key length V V V
ECB mode support V V x
CBC mode support V V x
CFB mode support V V x
OFB mode support V V x
CTR mode support V V x
GCM mode support x x V
Run-time Programmable Block Cipher mode x V -
AES Round Key Table included V V V
AES Key Expander included v v V

V   : Supported.
v   : Optional.
x   : Not Supported.

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