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JPEG 2000 Encoder


Ultra-High Throughput JPEG 2000 Encoder

JPEG 2000 IP

Alma Technologies offers advanced, feature-rich and scalabale JPEG 2000 encoder IP cores for FPGA and ASIC designs which have been used successfully in a large number of applications, both on earth and in space. Alma Technologies was one of the first companies worldwide to release a JPEG 2000 encoder IP core back in 2002. Our continuous R&D effort on the JPEG 2000 technology, along with the valuable customer feedback, have been enhancing and extending the features and operation of our JPEG 2000 IP since then.

The JPEG 2000 encoder IP cores from Alma Technologies support up to 16-bit per component Numerically Lossless and Lossy compression, include an advanced and highly accurate post-compression-rate-distortion optimized rate control engine - competitive to highly respected S/W implementations - and support also the encoding of single-component images with multiple Quality Layers in LRCP progression order.

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