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Image Compression IP

Alma Technologies offers the broadest image compression IP portfolio for FPGA and ASIC designs, consisting of carefully crafted and highly configurable JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG-LS and CCSDS 122.0 IP cores that offer maximum image quality and performance, while maintaining ease-of-use and simplicity during the integration.

Product Selection Matrix

Lossy compression V V x¹ x¹ V V
Numerically lossless compression x x V V V V
Lossy compression efficiency very good very good excellent excellent
Lossless compression efficiency good excellent excellent excellent
Maximum bits per sample 8 12 16 16 16 16
Grayscale V V V V V V
Color V V V V V x
Rate control v v x x V V
Multiple quality layers x x x x v x
Region of interest x x x x v x
Standalone CPU-less operation V V V V V V
Requires external memory² no no no no yes no
Silicon requirements low low very low low high medium
Available for ASICs V V V V V V
Available for Intel FPGAs V V V V V V
Available for Lattice FPGAs V V V V V V
Available for Microsemi FPGAs V V V V V V
Available for Xilinx FPGAs V V V V V V

Notes :
¹ Near-lossless function(s) available.
² Typical use case.

V   : Supported.
v   : Optional.
x   : Not Supported.

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