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CCSDS 122.0-B-1 Encoder

CCSDS 122.0 IP

The CCSDS 122.0-B-1 specification is part of a standards suite developed by the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems. The CCSDS is formed by the major space agencies of the world for the development of communications and data systems standards for space applications. The CCSDS 122.0-B-1 standard fits the compression requirement for a wide range of spaceborne two-dimensional spatial image data. In these applications the requirement is for a scalable data reduction, with the option to use lossless or lossy compression, using a memory-efficient and reduced complexity algorithm that results in a fast, low-power and compact hardware implementation.

The CCSDS 122.0-B-1 standard was developed to balance between compression performance and complexity with particular emphasis on spacecraft applications. Compared to JPEG 2000, it achieves slightly lower, but essentially similar, lossless and lossy compression efficiency for low-to-medium range compression ratio requirements. Due to its reduced complexity, it requires significantly less logic silicon area, along with reduced amount of on-chip memories. The CCSDS 122.0-B-1 encoder IP core for FPGA and ASIC designs from Alma Technologies materializes all these expected benefits, while also not needing an external memory device for the implementation.

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