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Lossless JPEG Encoder - up to 16-bit per component Numerically Lossless compression

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The LJPEG-E core implements Lossless JPEG (LJPEG) compression in a compact, high-performance, stand-alone package ideal for applications where bit-by-bit accurate reproduction of an image is essential.

The LJPEG-E conforms to the spatial (sequential) lossless encoding mode (SOF3) of the ISO/IEC 10918-1 standard (CCITT T.81 recommendation). Rather than the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) functions used for lossy JPEG compression - which can introduce round-off errors - the LJPEG-E employs a predictor function as described in the specification. It thus encodes and compresses images with no information loss, and requires a significantly smaller physical implementation.

Evaluation designs show that the core requires just 21K gates in an ASIC (0.09µ process / typical conditions) and that it also fits in a variety of low-end and high-end FPGA devices. Its heavily optimized architecture also enables very high performance, reaching 500 MSamples/sec on ASICs and 200 MSamples/sec on FPGAs.

The LJPEG-E is a fully synchronous, strictly positive-edge design with no internal three-state buffers. Comprehensive documentation and a complete verification environment - including a bit-accurate model - help designers integrate and verify the core.


The LJPEG-E provides a fast, economical solution whenever lossless image compression is essential, including applications such as:

  Medical, military, and space imaging.

  Professional, studio quality cameras and editing suites.

  High-end film and photo scanners.

  Industrial machine vision systems.

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