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Lossless JPEG-LS Encoder

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The JPEGLS-E core from Alma Technologies is an ISO/IEC 14495-1 compliant JPEG-LS encoder that offers a very compact, efficient and high-performance solution for up to 16-bit per component numerically lossless image and video data compression. The JPEG-LS standard offers the JPEG 2000 lossless compression efficiency advantage in much more compact silicon footprint and without requiring access to an external memory device. The JPEGLS-E is available for ASIC or AMD-Xilinx, Efinix, Intel, Lattice and Microsemi FPGA and SoC based designs.

JPEGLS-E block diagram | Alma Technologies

JPEG-LS was developed to provide a low complexity lossless image compression standard with better compression potentials than Lossless JPEG. The algorithm at the core of JPEG-LS is LOCO-I (Low Complexity-Lossless Compression for Images). It uses a non-linear predictive scheme with rudimentary edge detecting capability, based on the four nearest -causal- neighbours (left, upper left, upper and upper right) and an entropy encoder which uses adaptively selective Golomb-type codes. The low complexity scheme of JPEG-LS is based on the assumption that prediction residuals follow a two-sided geometric distribution and the fact that Golomb-codes are optimal for geometric distributions, thus the modeling and coding units are matching.

The JPEGLS-E core is designed with simple, fully controllable and FIFO-like, streaming input and output interfaces. Being carefully designed, rigorously verified and silicon-proven, the JPEGLS-E is a reliable and easy-to-use and integrate IP.

The JPEGLS-E is also available in a configuration that adds support for the JPEG-LS NEAR-Lossless encoding mode. The NEAR-Lossless configuration offers higher compression at user defined maximum allowed reconstructed data error, but runs much slower due to a different data-path architecture which has to include feedback loops that cannot be pipelined while maintaining the single clock cycle per input sample processing rate.

IP Deliverables

Clear text VHDL or Verilog RTL source for ASIC designs, or pre-synthesized and verified Netlist for FPGA and SoC devices

Release Notes, Design Specification and Integration Manual documents

Bit Accurate Model (BAM) and test vector generation binaries, including sample scripts

Self checking testbench environment, including sample BAM generated test cases

Simulation and sample Synthesis (for ASICs) or Place & Route (for FPGAs) scripts

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