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Alma Technologies Quad SPI Flash Controller now supports both serial NOR and serial NAND Flash devices

Athens, Greece, December 03, 2018

Alma Technologies, provider of silicon IP cores, officially released today a new upgraded version of the SPI-MEM-CTRL Serial Flash controller core, featuring additional support for Serial NAND Flash devices. While the standard Serial NOR Flash is an efficient solution at lower densities, Serial NAND Flash devices are now available in the market that offer a cost effective solution for densities over 512Mb.

The SPI-MEM-CTRL IP core is designed to provide a simple interface to a host processor for controlling SPI Serial Flash Memories. The core is highly flexible and can be configured before synthesis or programmed during run-time to support a large number of SPI Serial Flash memories, even less standard ones. SPI-MEM-CTRL supports single, dual, and quad SPI transactions at high serial clock rates. Integration and programming overhead is minimal as the connected devices are automatically identified and optimal parameters are used to communicate with each device. The SPI-MEM-CTRL is able to read, write or erase the connected device, via a flexible, register-mapped, request-based interface.

For detailed information about the SPI-MEM-CTRL IP Core, visit the product page at:



Quad SPI Flash Controller
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