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Alma Technologies Announces Availability of a New Ultra-High Throughput JPEG 2000 Encoder IP Core

Athens, Greece, December 16, 2019 /PRWeb/

Alma Technologies S.A., a semiconductor IP provider, today announced the immediate availability of a new Ultra-High Throughput JPEG 2000 encoder IP Core, expanding its UHT™ image compression family of IPs. This new scalable UHT JPEG 2000 encoder IP core provides the extreme performance needed by modern video compression applications that have to cope with massive pixel rates and resolutions.

The more complex and advanced image compression algorithms employed in JPEG 2000 offer improved image quality and higher compression ratios. The new Ultra-High Throughput UHT-JPEG2K-E JPEG 2000 encoder IP Core enables the JPEG 2000 advantages in applications requiring increased compression efficiency while working with state-of-the-art resolutions and data rates, where immense processing power is needed.

The UHT-JPEG2K-E IP core implements Part 1 of ISO/IEC 15444-1 image compression standard and supports lossy and lossless encoding of 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0 and 4:0:0 video streams, in 8 up to 16 bits sample depths. The encoder is based on a scalable parallel architecture using multiple internal compression engines. Each input image or video frame is split internally into pieces and each piece is allocated to one of the multiple internal compression engines. The parallel output streams produced by the compression engines are then packed into a single output stream which can be decoded - as is - by any standard-compliant JPEG 2000 decoder. These operations are performed in a way that is transparent to the system utilizing the IP, abstracting all the parallelization complexity from the rest SoC components. The number of internal compression engines is configurable, adapting to the implementation technology speed and scaling the design performance and footprint according to the application requirements.

The UHT-JPEG2K-E IP Core is very easy to use and integrate into a system, featuring AXI4 streaming input and output interfaces. The operation of the core is standalone, accepting the raster scan input and producing the JPEG 2000 output stream without needing any host CPU or GPU power.

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About Alma Technologies

Alma Technologies is a semiconductor IP provider, designing high-quality FPGA and ASIC IP cores since 2001. Its products stand out for their engineering, being complete, easy-to-use and reliable IP solutions. World-class technical support and a long track record of proven designs by more than 250 licensees in over 20 countries provide Alma Technologies customers with excellent service and great value.

Available either as self-contained and implementation technology independent VHDL or Verilog RTL, or as optimized Netlists for Intel, Lattice, Microsemi and Xilinx FPGA and SoC devices, Alma Technologies IPs ensure a fast and trouble-free integration in any FPGA or ASIC design.
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Ultra-High Throughput JPEG 2000 Encoder
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