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Demonstration of real-time HD Motion-JPEG2000 encoding.

Munich, March 11-13, 2008 − Alma Technologies demonstrated the capabilities of the new generation JPEG2K-E core during DATE'08 exhibition in ICM, Munich. The demo performed real-time transcoding of standard HD resolution video streams to Motion-JPEG2000 format, compatible with standard third party video players.

JPEG2K-E demo live in CAST's booth

First introduced in 2002, the JPEG2K-E IP core has been successfully used by multiple military and aerospace customers within a plethora of demanding applications. The JPEG2K-E core provides high-quality compression of still or video images using the JPEG 2000 standard (ISO/IEC 15444-1). The flexible JPEG 2000 standard offers both lossless and lossy compression, and it can achieve superior image quality with higher compression ratios (smaller file sizes) than the ordinary JPEG standard. Though not yet widely used for web-based images, JPEG 2000 has proven invaluable for certain specialized applications. For example, frame-by-frame Motion JPEG 2000 is seen as the best technology for digital film compression, and has been adopted by the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) consortium and others.

About Alma Technologies S.A.

Alma Technologies S.A. is a private held company based in Athens−Greece, founded in 2001. Alma Technologies specializes in the development of high quality virtual hardware components (soft Silicon IP Cores) and also provides digital VLSI design services. Its fields of expertise include image compression, digital image and video processing, multimedia, and cryptography applications. In these fields a broad range of high quality IP Core solutions is offered.



JPEG 2000 Encoder
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