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SVE-JPEG-E core in Samsung's Mobile Imaging Solutions.

Alma Technologies' SpeedView™ JPEG Encoder core is licensed for use in Samsung's Mobile Imaging Solutions.

Pikermi, Athens May 13, 2010 − Alma Technologies' distributor CAST inc. revealed today that Samsung Semiconductor Israel R&D Center Ltd. has licensed the SpeedView™ JPEG Encoder Core (SVE-JPEG-E) to develop Image Signal Processor (ISP) blocks to be integrated into image sensors manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

The SVE-JPEG-E core is a high-performance streaming based image encoder for image compression, providing easier integration, savings in area and power consumption, and advanced features. The SVE-JPEG-E core is probably the only IP core available on the market using the innovative SpeedView™ technology from Scalado® AB which enables tremendously faster viewing and manipulation of very large, high-resolution images.

About Alma Technologies S.A.

Alma Technologies S.A. is a private company based in Athens, Greece, founded in 2001. Alma Technologies specializes in the development of high quality Silicon IP Cores and provides digital VLSI design services. Its fields of expertise include image and video compression, multimedia and cryptography applications. In these fields a broad range of high quality IP Core solutions is offered.

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CAST's Press Release

Original press release issued by CAST inc.
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