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Alma Technologies to integrate Scalado SpeedTags™ technology in its JPEG products

Lund and Athens, 14 October 2008 − Scalado, the leader in mobile imaging software solutions, and Alma Technologies the leading IP provider in image and video compression IP cores, has today announced details of the first JPEG compression IP core supporting Scalado SpeedTags™ technology. By further enhancing the fastest JPEG core in the market with Scalado's technology, Alma Technologies will now be able to provide efficient handling of multi-megapixel compressed images in all its future ASIC and FPGAs SoC designs.

The resulting increased performance and data handling capabilities will improve the visual experience of viewing images for the user and will enable unique differentiation opportunities on any mobile device.  This is made possible due to the fact that the compressed files that are produced by Alma Technologies' cores, will now be compatible with Scalado's CAPS™ imaging suite which is focused on providing enhanced functionality to camera equipped mobile devices such as camera phones and PDAs.

    «The partnership with Alma is a strong initiative from Scalado
    in order to offer our customers improved and faster TTM»

    Said, Fadi Abbas, Vice President Business Development
    at Scalado. «Combined with the new Camera Engine technology
    from Scalado, once more users win enhanced performance and
    superior and unique user experience»

    «By combining SpeedTags™ and the efficiency of our JPEG
    cores, with the benefits of Scalado's leading image technologies,
    we will be able to respond to some of the most critical design
    challenges set by the constantly increasing resolution sizes
    and megapixels of images»
    said Nikos Zervas, CEO for
    Alma Technologies.

About Alma Technologies
Alma Technologies S.A. is a private held company based in Athens, Greece, founded in 2001. Alma Technologies develops high quality virtual hardware components (soft Silicon IP Cores) for image and video compression and processing.

About Scalado
Scalado is a Swedish imaging software development company that focuses on the mobile industry. It provides mobile imaging software solutions that are powerful, scalable and modular for any camera phone. Its mission is to enable the best imaging experience on mobile phones - bringing higher usability for end-users and cutting hardware costs for device manufacturers. With unique and patented software technologies, it is solving critical performance issues using less memory and CPU requirements. Scalado CAPS is the leading imaging solution for camera phones, embedded in 200 million devices.

Founded in 2000, Scalado has its head office in IDEON Research Park in Lund, Sweden. The company's principal shareholders are venture capitalists Northcap Partners, Industrifonden, and Teknoseed as well as company's founders. For more information,

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