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Video Compression IP

Alma Technologies has invested a great effort to develop expertise and produce one of the finest hardware H264 implementations available as a silicon IP core. Fine-tuned for optimized performance, both in terms of throughput and image quality, the H264 cores perform exceptionally well in a variety of demanding situations.

Besides video coding standards, such as the H264, still image compression algorithms are equally important for video compression applications. Applications sensitive to latency, throughput, power or silicon area, can benefit from the efficiency of the still image compression algorithms.

Evaluation Platform

An evaluation platform has been developed for the H264 IP cores. Using a low-cost Altera Cyclone III FPGA development kit powered with the H264 IP core, Full HD video is being encoded and streamed over Ethernet in real time. Video quality assessment at various bitrates is enabled through a software media player receiving, decoding and displaying the stream on a screen. The evaluation platform is available upon request for evaluating the produced video quality of the Alma Technologies H264 IP cores.

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