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Image Compression IP

Alma Technologies specializes in the field of image compression. All our still image compression IP Cores have been carefuly crafted to offer maximum image quality and performance, while maintaining efficiency and simplicity during the integration.

Product Selection Matrix

Lossy compression V V x¹ x¹ V
Numerically lossless compression x x V V V
Lossy compression efficiency very good very good excellent
Lossless compression efficiency good excellent excellent
Maximum bits per sample 8 12 16 16 16
Grayscale V V V V V
Color V V V V V
Rate control v v x x V
Multiple quality layers x x x x v
Region of interest x x x x v
Standalone CPU-less operation V V V V V
Requires external memory² no no no no yes
Silicon requirements low low very low low high
Available for ASICs V V V V V
Available for Altera FPGAs V V V V V
Available for Lattice FPGAs V V V V V
Available for Microsemi FPGAs V V V V V
Available for Xilinx FPGAs V V V V V

Notes :
¹ Near-lossless function(s) available.
² Typical use case.

V   : Supported.
v   : Optional.
x   : Not Supported.



Ultra High Throughput JPEG Encoder


Ultra High Throughput JPEG Decoder
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