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MD5 Message Digest Algorithm

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The MD5 core is a high performance implementation of the MD5 Message Digest algorithm, a one-way hash function, compliant to RFC1321. The core is composed of two main units, the MD5 Engine and the Padding Unit as shown in the block diagram. The MD5 Engine applies the MD5 loops on a single 512-bit message block, while the Padding Unit splits the input message into 512-bit blocks and performs the message padding on the last block of the message.
The processing of one 512-bit block is performed in 66 clock cycles and the bit-rate achieved is 7.75Mbps / MHz on the input of the MD5 core.

The MD5 core is equipped with easy to use fully stallable interfaces both for input and output. These are designed to permit the user's application to pause the core output when it is not able to receive data or to stop the input stream towards the core according to data arrival rate.


  Data integrity.

  Bulk Encryption.

  High speed networking equipment.

  Secure wireless applications.

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