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Quad SPI Flash Memory Controller

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The SPI-MEM-CTRL core offers the interconnection between a host and a serial flash memory using the Serial Peripheral Interface. The SPI-MEM-CTRL supports Single, Dual Input, Dual Input/Output and Quad Input/Output SPI accesses.

The core automatically identifies a variety of serial flash memories and communicates with the attached device at the maximum possible bandwidth. Register accesses are used to insert access requests and read/write data into/out SPI-MEM-CTRL core. Communication with devices other than those automatically identified, is also feasible as the core can be programmed with the memory device parameters. The SPI-MEM-CTRL can read, write or erase any part of the memory.

The core is rigorously verified. A complete verification environment that helps designers verify the functionality and compliance of the core, and additional aids for system-level simulation are available.

SPI-MEM-CTRL block diagram | Alma Technologies


The SPI-MEM-CTRL core is suitable for any SoC design that uses a serial Flash device.

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