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Quad SPI Flash Memory Controller

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SPI-MEM-CTRL Symbol | Alma Technologies


Device Independent:

Automatic identification of a variety of serial NOR flash memories

Configurable memory features to allow support for more serial flash devices

Efficient Bandwidth Utilization:

Automatic identification of maximum bandwidth access mode among:

single SPI

dual output SPI

dual I/O SPI

quad I/O SPI

Flexible Access Model:

Registered mapped I/O

Read access sizes from 1 byte up to memory density

Read accesses starting from any address offset

Write access sizes from 4 bytes up to memory density

Write accesses starting from any address offset that is a multiple of 4

Erasure of:

any sector (4KB)

any block (64KB)

whole chip

Ease of Integration:

Auto-detection of a wide set of serial flash devices to minimize programming overhead

Auto detection of the fastest way to read or program the memory, to maximize bandwidth and minimize programming overhead

Deep Power-down Mode support to minimize power consumption

Optional APB interface

Design Quality:

Robust verification with integrated self-checking testbench environment

Scan-ready design

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