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AES Encryption & Decryption with Fixed Block Cipher Mode

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AES-C Symbol | Alma Technologies


Compliant, High-Performance and Standalone Operation

Fully compliant to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) (FIPS PUB 197)

Block Cipher mode configurable during synthesis: ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB, CTR

Run-time programmable encrypt or decrypt

Run-time programmable cipher-key size: 128-, 192-, 256-bit

Includes Round Key Table for storage of Round Key values

Optional Key Expansion module for automatic generation of the Round Key values

AES32-C: Processes each 128-bit block in 44/52/60 clock cycles for 128/192/256-bit cipher-key respectively

AES128-C: Processes each 128-bit block in 11/13/15 clock cycles for 128/192/256-bit cipher-key respectively

High-speed, flow controllable, streaming I/O data interfaces

Trouble-Free Technology Map and Implementation

Fully portable, self-contained RTL source code

Strictly positive edge triggered design

D-type only Flip-Flops

Fully synchronous operation

No special timing constraints required

No false paths

No multi-cycle paths

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