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8-bit Baseline JPEG Codec with Optional Video Rate Control

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JPEG-C Symbol | Alma Technologies


Baseline ISO/IEC 10918-1 JPEG Compliance

Programmable Huffman Tables (two DC, two AC)

Programmable Quantization Tables (up to four)

Up to four color components

Supports all possible scan configurations and all JPEG formats for input and output data

Supports any image size up to 64K x 64K

Supports DNL and restart markers

Additional Processing Capabilities

Motion JPEG payload support

Rate-Control (optional)

Ease of Integration

Registered I/O ports

Simple, microcontroller like, programming interface

High speed, flow controllable, streaming I/O data interfaces

Simple and FIFO like

Avalon-ST™ compliant (read latency 0)


Stand alone operation

Automatic self-programming by JPEG markers parsing

Marker errors catching

Broadcasting of decoded image parameters for controlling peripherals such as a block-to-raster scan converter


Single clock per input sample processing rate

Fully programmable through standard JPEG marker segments

Automatic JPEG markers generation on the output

Automatic program-once encode-many operation

Easy System Implementation and Verification

Extensive documentation

Bit Accurate Model (BAM)

Test Vector generation

Self checking testbench environment

Sample BAM scripts

Synthesis scripts

Simulation scripts

Place & Route scripts for FPGAs

Trouble-Free Technology Map and Implementation

Fully portable HDL source code

No internal tri-states

Scan-ready design

Strictly positive edge triggered design using D-type only Flip-Flops

Fully synchronous operation

No need for special timing constraints

No false paths

No multi-cycle paths

No special handling paths

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