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8-bit Baseline JPEG Decoder

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JPEG-D Symbol | Alma Technologies


Complete, Compliant and Standalone Operation

ISO/IEC 10918-1 compliant 8-bit Baseline JPEG decoder

Up to 64K x 64K image resolution

Up to four stream programmable Quantization Tables

Up to four stream programmable Huffman Tables (two DC, two AC)

Stream programmable Restart Markers

Single- and multi-scan support

All three compressed data formats supported

Interchange format

Abbreviated format for compressed image data

Abbreviated format for table-specification data

Motion JPEG payload decoding

CPU-less, complete and standalone operation

Limitations with Respect to the ISO/IEC 10918-1 JPEG Standard

Up to 4 image components

Sampling factors 1, 2 and 4

The DNL marker is not supported

Decoding of corrupted JPEG streams is not supported

Ease of Integration

Automatic self-programming by JPEG markers parsing

JPEG marker errors catching features

Simple, microcontroller like, programming interface

High-speed, flow controllable, streaming I/O data interfaces

Simple and FIFO like

Avalon-ST compliant (ready latency 0)

AXI4-Stream compliant

Trouble-Free Technology Map and Implementation

Fully portable, self-contained RTL source code

Strictly positive edge triggered design

D-type only Flip-Flops

Fully synchronous operation

No special timing constraints required

No false paths

No multi-cycle paths

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