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Master and Slave SPI Bus Controller

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SPI-MS Symbol | Alma Technologies


Run-time programmable Master or slave mode operation.

Bit rates generated in Master mode: ÷2, ÷4, ÷6, ÷8, ÷10, ÷12, ...÷512 of the system clock.

Bit rates supported in Slave mode: fSCK ≤ fSYSCLK ÷4

Support for 1,2,4 or unlimitted bytes multi-byte frame data transfers, run-time programmable.

Support for partial word transfer in 2, 4 or unlimited multi-byte frame modes.

8 Slave Select lines.

8 Chip Select lines.

Configurable RX and TX FIFOs.

Little or Big Endian byte mapping in multi-byte frames.

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