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Scalable Ultra-High Throughput Image Scaler

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UHT-SCALER Symbol | Alma Technologies


Standalone Scaling Operation

Programmable image dimensions from 8 x 8 up to 64k x 64k

Supports YcbCr/RGB 4:4:4, YCbCr 4:2:2, YCbCr 4:2:0 and single-color 4:0:0 video formats

8 up to 16 bits per sample depth encoding

Support for bilinear, bicubic, lanczos and expfilter scaling algorithms

CPU-less, complete and standalone operation.

Advanced Scaling Implementation

Ultra-high throughput in low-end silicon

Ultra-low latency performance

On-chip memory implementation

Easy Implementation and Verification

Extensive documentation

Bit Accurate Model (BAM) with optional Test Vector generation functionality

Self-checking testbench environment

Sample BAM scripts

Synthesis scripts

Simulation scripts

Place & Route scripts for FPGAs

Trouble-Free Technology Map and Implementation

Self-contained RTL design

No internal tri-states

Strictly positive edge triggered design

D-type only Flip-Flops

Fully synchronous operation per clock domain1

Safe CDC transfers between clock domains2

No need for special timing constraints

No false or multi-cycle paths within the same clock domain

No CDC transfers that need to be specially constrained

No other specially constrained timing paths

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