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Think Silicon GPUs get JPEG decoding from Alma Technologies

Patras, Greece, February 2nd, 2012 − Think Silicon Ltd and Alma Technologies announced today the immediate availability of Graphics Accelerator IP Cores preintegrated and verified with the silicon proven JPEG cores of Alma Technologies.

The combination of (M)JPEG decoding and Graphics Acceleration can provide a fluid user experience even at very low frequency or low gate-count devices. The MJPEG decoder is fully integrated in the graphics pipeline taking full advantage of the graphics pipeline features, such as rotations, blending and dithering and minimizing additional hardware resources.

«Combining the efficiency of Alma Technologies' MJPEG cores with the Think2.5D/VG graphics processing units in a preintegrated graphics rendering subsystem will offer customers faster timeto- market and less integration effort.» said George Sidiropoulos, Managing Director of Think Silicon.

«We were excited to work with Think Silicon in integrating our JPEG decoder core with the powerful Think2.5D/VG graphics processing units, offering still image and video decoding options in an easy to use and highly featured graphics subsystem engine.» said Spyros Theoharis, Vice President of Products and Technology at Alma Technologies.

With Alma Technologies MJPEG cores, still images and motion JPEG videos can be decoded at very high frame rates even in high-definition resolutions.

Think2.5D Graphics Accelerator Engine is a Graphics subsystem IP Core for SoC and Embedded Devices for the acceleration of 2.5D content. It is a very powerful and lean accelerator, capable of targeting multiple types of surface formats, displaying perspective corrected images in 2.5D space, accelerating drawing of lines, triangles and quadrilaterals and performing alpha blending in all target modes. The use of command lists with in a fire-and-forget minimizes CPU overhead and comes complete with DirectFB Linux Drivers.

About Think Silicon Ltd
Think Silicon specializes in designing and developing Mobile and Embedded Computer Graphics Solutions ideally suited for low-end and mid-end devices. Having significant experience in critical areas of IC design and embedded systems, Think Silicon provides complete Graphics IP solutions and becomes part of partners' product roadmap.
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About Alma Technologies
Alma Technologies specializes in the development of high quality silicon IP cores implementing sophisticated, cutting-edge technology systems. After ten years of proven designs and over 150 satisfied customers, Alma Technologies has built its reputation as a worldwide expert supplying silicon IP cores in the fields of still image and video compression. Its products stand out for their high performance characteristics, ease of use and high level of technical support.
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8/10/12-bit Extended JPEG Encoder
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