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Alma Technologies to launch industry's first Baseline / Extended Sequential 12-bit JPEG encoder core.

Pikermi, Athens February 10, 2010 − Alma Technologies the leading IP provider in image and video compression IP cores has today announced the availability of the industry's first JPEG core that supports both Extended Sequential and the Baseline mode of the ISO/IEC 10918-1 JPEG standard.

By further expanding its family of the fastest JPEG cores in the market, Alma Technologies will now be able to provide a fast, small, and efficient custom hardware solution to applications using increased pixel depth. The new JPEG-E-X core is capable of compressing images with 8 up to 12bits per color sample. In addition to processing baseline (8-bits)/extended sequential (12-bits) JPEG streams, the JPEG-E-X core can compress non-standard motion JPEG streams. It can also be enhanced with an optional bit-rate control block, which is essential for efficient operation in applications that have tight bandwidth constraints.

Featuring high processing rates, the new JPEG-E-X core provides a solution even for the most demanding image and/or video compression applications. It can encode more than 30 frames per second of 16:9 HDTV 1080p even in low cost FPGA devices. Its processing rate can be as high as 280 MSamples/sec for high-end FPGA devices. In a typical 0.09u ASIC process, the core requires just 69K gates and operates at 450 MHz, corresponding to a processing rate of 450 MSamples/sec.


Digital cameras and camcorders
Office automation equipment (multifunction printers, scanners,
Digital copiers etc)
Medical imaging systems
Video production suites
Video conference and display projection systems
Surveillance systems

About Alma Technologies S.A.

Alma Technologies S.A. is a private company based in Athens−Greece, founded in 2001. Alma Technologies specializes in the development of high quality hardware virtual components (Silicon IP Cores) and provides digital VLSI design services. Its fields of expertise include image compression, digital image and video processing, multimedia and cryptography applications. In these fields a broad range of high quality IP Core solutions is offered.

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8/10/12-bit Extended JPEG Encoder
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