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JPEG 2000 Encoder - up to 16-bit per component Lossy & Numerically Lossless compression

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The JPEG2K-E core is a video and still image encoder that implements Part 1 of the JPEG 2000 lossy and lossless image compression standard. The JPEG 2000 standard offers an advanced quality and feature set, lending itself to a wide range of uses from digital cameras through to space imaging and other key sectors.

Full compliance to the ISO/IEC 15444-1 JPEG 2000 standard makes the JPEG2K-E core ideal for interoperable systems and devices. The JPEG2K-E supports up to 8Kx8K image or tile resolution and it can sustain a very high, over 1080p30, throughput. The JPEG2K-E includes also an advanced post-compression, rate-distortion optimized, rate control engine which provides full control over the required bandwidth on the JPEG 2000 stream output. The bitrate of the JPEG 2000 stream can be accurately adjusted while, at the same time, preserving the maximum image fidelity that is possible within the available bandwidth constraints.

The JPEG2K-E core implements a simple but yet flexible, requests based, external memory interface with independent read and write data paths. This makes the JPEG2K-E independent of memory type supporting, for example, operation with SRAM, SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 types of memory. Glue-less connected external memory controllers are also available. JPEG2K-E is designed to be tolerant to memory delays and latencies, which may be present on shared memory system architectures.

The core is designed with easy to use, fully controllable and FIFO-like, streaming input and output interfaces. Being carefully designed, rigorously verified and silicon-proven, the JPEG2K-E is a reliable and easy to integrate core. Its deliverables include a complete verification environment and a bit-accurate software model.


  Digital still cameras and camcorders

  Medical, military and space imaging

  Networked video and image distribution systems

  Wireless video and image distribution systems

  Digital CCTV and surveillance systems

  Image/Video editing systems

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